1500 Research Essay

Question: Businesses in Singapore are often portrayed as adopting a “unitarist” rather than a “pluralist” attitude to employment relations.  Is this justified or are times changing?  Illustrate your arguments with contemporary examples.

Guidelines: Your essay must be based on a topical employment relations issue in Singapore.  The essay should be informed by current and reflective commentary on the issue chosen and must be referenced to a variety of texts, articles and news media.  The maximum length is 1500 words. There is no required format, but there must be an introduction, body where the main arguments are presented in a logically developed form and a conclusion.  The essay must be printed double spaced on single sided A4 pages. Use of headings is encouraged.  Referencing should be APA style.   This assessment aligns to the three learning outcomes for this unit.

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1500 Research Essay
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You need to show that you have researched the topic of your choice adequately.   Late essays will not be accepted except in exceptional circumstances.  It is therefore strongly recommended that students commence work on the essay early.


Use examples from Singapore or other Asian countries where appropriate.

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