2 Page Journal for comm class

We have covered critical basics of interpersonal communication so far in the context of culture, the self, perception and language.

This assignment has two purposes:

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2 Page Journal for comm class
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  • To reflect on your own communication by describing a communication situation and then analyzing it using concepts and theories we discuss in class.
  • To assess your understanding of concepts and ideas we have covered so far. However, you choose the concepts 🙂

Your text consists of two parts: description and analysis. In the first part (description) you will describe a communication situation you have experienced. This could be a communication situation in your family, at work, with a friend etc., in which the communication was successful or not so successful. Then, you will analyze the situation using concepts or theories we discussed in class. This is like an “expert” commentary/analysis of what happened and why it did.

Here are some possible concepts you can use for your analysis:

Communication process, communication principles, communication competence, metacommunication, communication and culture: high-/low-context, individualism-collectivism (and other Hofstede dimensions), intercultural communication competence, self-concept, self-fulfilling prophecy, impression management, self-disclosure, etc., perception process, influences on perception, stereotypes, perception checking, empathy, language, symbolic nature of communication, connotative and denotative meaning, microaggressions, sexist language, etc.

See the example posted on the next tab for guidance.

Format: 2-3 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1 inch margin.

You can attach your .doc, .docx or .pdf file in this tab.

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