I am sure that many of you were either too young or not born at all to remember 9/11. It was a dark day in the history of our nation and one which I hope we will never forget. For this essay, I want you to read the interview with Bin Laden, I Accuse, from the primary source list found in Chapter 29, and within your essay, discuss 3 ideas or reasons why bin Laden felt justified in his hatred against the United States. If you can keep an open mind (and for many of us, I am sure it is difficult in this situation) how would you respond to his charges? Remember, this interview was before 9/11, so any hostilities Americans would have against him, did not exist. This essay is a position paper based upon the interview, so it is unnecessary to use any outside sources. For clarity, I want you to number each charge you are discussing. Even though I am asking you to number the charge, it is still one essay, so make it flow together rather than appear choppy with 3 individual parts.

As with all essays, you should begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion.

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Please note: the plagiarism policy stated in the syllabus will be followed strictly. I have set this assignment and future assignments to be submitted through Safe Assign. You will receive a copy of the report. If the report states that over 30% is matching other material, you will have unlimited attempts to reduce that percentage before the final submission to be graded by me.

In order to receive the maximum points, this essay is required to be/have:

Introduction and Conclusion.

At least 2-3 pages in length (5-10 pts will be deducted if the essay is less than 2 full pages.

12 font Times New Roman, Double Space. (10 pts will be deducted if essay is not Double Spaced.)

Heading of essay is according to MLA (you should know what I mean by that)

1 inch margins.

Submit assignment through Blackboard no later than Monday December 7 by 7:00pm (10 pts will be deducted for each day the assignment is late). Please Note: No assignments will be accepted more than 3 days late.

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