A case study on digitalizing the whole supply chain

The Paper should have the following

Title: A case study on digitalizing the whole supply chain using blockchain technology

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A case study on digitalizing the whole supply chain
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1. Abstract: The abstract will articulate an overall position and statement of the work and be written in clear and concise manner.

a. Must reflect the title and establish the aim of the paper

b. Identify the key issues/background issue

c. State the main contribution of this paper (what this paper seeks to achieve)

d. Implications for future research (recommendations)

e. Must identify the target audience


2. Introduction: Background, context & motivation, objectives, indicate the sequential layout of the write up. The introduction will provide an excellent context to the work, outlining key areas of focus or concern and the importance of the topic. If appropriate, any methodology will be briefly described along with associated rationale. An overview of the paper structure will also be presented.


3. Main Body: The body of paper will demonstrate excellent critical insight into the domain under investigation, and the construction of this will demonstrate excellent synthesis of the contributing areas. This will be predominantly underpinned by ideally peer-reviewed journal papers, appropriately referenced. The paper should demonstrate an excellent use of tables figures and other forms of conceptualization. It should reflect

a. Insightful, critical analysis depth and agility with wider knowledge and in-depth understanding

b. Gap identification and analysis etc.

c. Critical reflection on key findings and author’s own contribution to knowledge.

d. Practicality


4. Conclusion and Future Work: The conclusion will draw the paper to a close in a coherent manner by summarizing the key areas of concern and provide an overall concluding statement and position, supported by evidence drawn from the body of the paper. The future work section will outline areas of possible further development because of the work presented in the paper.

5. References (Harvard style)


1. An excellent paper should excel in each of the sections listed above and provide the assessor with a high degree of confidence in one’s understanding and ability in the area under investigation.

2. The paper must provide a basis for subsequently developing a real paper suitable for publication.

3. The paper will follow the suggested structure, and within this contain content that is further structured in a manner suitable for the topic under investigation.

4. The style of academic writing will be excellent, with minimal or no spelling and grammatical errors.

5. The title and accreditation of the paper will be unambiguous, concise, and provide the reader with a clear indication of the topic being addressed.

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