Ablaze Communications

Illustrated Excel 2019 | Module 4: SAM Project 1b

Ablaze Communications

Insert and Modify Charts

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Ablaze Communications
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  • Open the file IL_EX19_4b_FirstLastNamexlsx, available for download from the SAM website.
  • Save the file as IL_EX19_4b_FirstLastNamexlsx by changing the “1” to a “2”.

o      If you do not see the .xlsx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will add the file extension for you automatically.

  • With the file IL_EX19_4b_FirstLastNamexlsx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in cell B6 of the Documentation sheet.

o      If cell B6 does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.


  1. Grace Lee is the manager of the Ablaze Communications center in Oakland, California. She has been tracking the center’s revenue and expenses in an Excel workbook, which includes charts to help her visualize the data. She has asked you to help her format the charts.

    Go to the Annual Expenses The Oakland Expenses stacked column chart shows the combined expenses for each quarter of the year.

    Format the chart title as follows to draw attention to it:

  2. Add a border to the chart title using the Brown, Accent 6 (10th column, 1st row in the Theme Colors palette) shape outline color.
  3. Apply the Offset: Bottom Right shadow effect from the Outer group of the Shadow gallery.
  4. Make the chart values easier to interpret as follows:
  5. Remove the Primary Major Vertical gridlines to remove some clutter from the chart.
  6. Add Primary Major Horizontal gridlines to the chart.
  7. Clarify the purpose of the horizontal axis as follows:
  8. Add a primary horizontal axis title to the chart.
  9. Enter the text 2021 Quarters as the title of the primary horizontal axis.
  10. Change the font of the primary horizontal axis title to Calibri Light.
  11. Change the font size to 16 point.
  12. Go to the Quarterly Profit The 2-D pie chart on this worksheet shows how the profit in each quarter contributed to the total profit for the year. Apply the Style 8 chart style to the 2-D pie chart to display the percentages on each slice.
  13. Move the chart legend to the Left position to provide more room for the data.
  14. Grace can see that Quarter 2 was the most profitable quarter of the year at 29%.

    Explode the largest slice of the pie (representing Quarter 2) by 10%.

  15. Go to the New Services The clustered column chart in this worksheet shows how the Oakland revenue has changed over four quarters.

    Resize and reposition the clustered column chart so that its upper-left corner is within cell H3 and its lower-right corner is within cell N17.

  16. Identify the purpose of the clustered column chart by entering Quarterly Revenue as the chart title.
  17. Change the chart colors to Monochromatic Palette 2 (2nd in the Monochromatic palette in the Change Colors menu) to coordinate with the other colors in the worksheet.
  18. Change the fill color of the data series representing the Security plan to Dark Red, Accent 2, Lighter 40% (6th column, 4th row in the Theme Colors palette) to contrast with the other data series.
  19. Apply the Accounting number format to the range B5:F7, and decrease the number of decimal places shown to zero to change the format of the values in the vertical axis of the clustered column chart.
  20. Grace wants to create a chart that tracks the changes in the profit amounts from one quarter to another. Create a new chart as follows:
  21. Create a Line with Markers chart based on the range B20:E21.
  22. Enter Quarterly Profit as the chart title.
  23. Resize and reposition the chart so that its upper-left corner is within cell H19 and its lower-right corner is within cell N32.

o      Your workbook should look like the Final Figures on the following pages. Save your changes, close the workbook, and then exit Excel. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.



Final Figure 1: Annual Expenses Worksheet



Final Figure 2: Quarterly Profit Worksheet



Final Figure 3: New Services Worksheet



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