Advanced Object-Oriented Modeling

Intended Learning Outcomes:

1.To apply UML with a number of techniques in modeling problem domains.

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Advanced Object-Oriented Modeling
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2.Evaluate and apply appropriate design patterns to assist in design reusability


To develop the students’ object-oriented analysis and design skills for conceptual modeling in systems development and reuse in large applications.

Task 1:

Read the following scenario and answer the questions from Task 1.1-Task 1.4

System Development for Bishara Company in Oman

Bishara Establishment L.L.C. a member of the prestigious OMZEST Group, is the leading IT, Security Solutions, Point of Sale Solutions, Office Technology, Stationery and Colour Graphics Services Supplier in the Sultanate of Oman. They take care of various printing services for their customers to print books, brochures and banners on demand. The customer should be able to select a type of product (books, brochures, and banners), an order quantity, and quality of paper for printing. A book can be printed either with a hard cover page or a soft cover page. Finally, the customer needs to provide a PDF file containing the desired content.

Customer needs to create an account with a username and a password. Along with these information customers has to provide his or her address and credit card number linked on to the account. The above said information are mandatory to place an order.

Once a customer has provided the information for an order, the system checks if all required information is there, either given in the order (type of product, quantity, etc.), or in the account (address and payment information). If any information is lacking, the system will inform the customer that it needs to incorporate all the details before the order can be placed. Once all information is in place, the order is placed, and the credit card information is sent to the bank for approval. If the bank approves the card, the order is finalized.

Printing department manager is in charge of the printing processes. The manager approves the order after scrutinizing the PDF files of finalized orders. If a file does not meet all the necessary information, the customer will be intimated about this, and the order is temporarily put on hold until the customer has provided a new PDF file.

Finally, the administrator keeps monitoring the stocks of paper and ink. Whenever the amount of paper or ink is running low, an order must be placed at the appropriate supplier (either the paper or ink supplier).

Task 1.1

Draw a Use Case Diagram for the different tasks associated with the given scenario. Identify actor, use cases, system boundary, association, generalization, include and

extends relationships.

Task 1.2

Create a set of detailed Use Case Description for any two major use cases/actors identified in the use case diagram.

Task 1.3

Draw an Activity Diagram for the above scenario. Identify the activity, decision, join, fork, swimlane, transition and guard condition.

Note: You must design activity diagram with Swimlane.

Task 1.4

Draw a Sequence Diagram for any one of the major usecase. Identify the main objects, describe the main flow of events, and translate the flows into corresponding system

events (input and response).

Task 2:

Identify a suitable Creational Design pattern for the below mentioned scenario.

Clearly provide the rationale for choosing the pattern chosen.

Explain how this pattern should be implemented.

Draw an appropriate Class Diagram to illustrate the implementation of selected pattern.

Don’t give a generic class diagram for this pattern but make it specific for that design pattern problem.

XYZ is one of a leading restaurant in Oman that delivers Burgers and Cold Coffees. Burgers can be either a Veg or Non-Veg of several types like tower burger, cheese burger, chicken burger etc. and will be of different sizes like Regular, Double decker and Jumbo. Cold Coffees can be of several types like Frappuccino, Cold Brew, Iced espresso and mazagran etc. and will be of different sizes small, regular and Grande.

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