African-American Studies

African-American Studies


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African-American Studies
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What is your understanding of the culture, history, and political experiences of African Americans? African American Studies is a set of various disciplines responsible for providing critical knowledge about the history, culture, social, and political experiences of African Americans. Since the African Americans’ immigration, there have been a series of misconceptions about African American studies. There have been some surveys that have been done about the African Studies that are inconsistent. This paper will highlight and discuss the shortcomings of the studies that have been done about African American studies since I feel that the facts about African Studies should be set straight. This study will fill the gaps that have been left in African American Studies.

African American Studies

In most of the reviews and studies that have been done that concern African Americans, some gaps have been left out that need to be addressed. The development of a culture of African Americans has been noted to be insufficiently discussed. The most significant areas where the African Americans’ culture developed and where more focus should be put is in the west and in the areas where African Americans communities are such as in California (Delgado, 2001). The other areas about the African American studies that have not been well examined are contemporary issues that affect the African Americans and the global issues affecting the African American communities at large.

Training and analytic tools are necessary to ensure that the comparative and interdisciplinary studies about African Studies are correctly and effectively interpreted. The proper interpretation is necessary to ensure that the African American experience, especially the culture and ethnic experiences, is well perceived. One of the significant advantages of African American Studies is that students are offered the chance to integrate their social science studies with the humanities.Students’ interaction from diverse cultures requires proper preparedness if the interactions are productive (Furusa, 2006). Some of the fields that can enable the students who want to major in African American Studies are human services, journalism, public administration, and education. In these fields, there are constant interactions between people who are from diverse cultures. Thus, it is necessary to equip the students who are willing to pursue African American Studies with sufficient knowledge of dealing with people from diverse cultures, especially African Americans.

Another gap that has been left out in African American Studies is the misunderstanding of the roles of culture in curriculum development. For people, especially the students, to effectively understand culture’s role in developing African American studies, they should start by understanding and relating the people of that culture (Furusa, 2009). In this case, understanding African Americans’ culture is essentialin developing African American Studies.

When addressing the gaps found in African American Studies, it is essential to check the root causes responsible for the gaps’ existence. One of the root causes of the gaps in the achievement gap among the African American students, their communities, and their families. Researchers have aired their concerns about a possible national recession that may be permanent due to the persistence of the African American Studies’ gaps.

African American studies have been greatly affected by the first and present economic and social conditions. The effectiveness of societal efforts to compart this vice has not been enough. Inequalities have hindered the success of African American studies from all aspects of life, such as education. Most of the research done on social sciences has primarily focused on the deficits of groups rather than the factors that encourage progress (Okpewho, 1981). There has been no support systems or clues on the construction of practical systems that deal with African American studies. Racism and poverty should be implemented to increase success and create opportunities for students pursuing African American studies. The existing programs that have been put in place to ensure that African American studies are successful are not efficient in addressing the students’ developmental needs.

To ensure that African American studies are successful, it is essential to ensure that their social and cognitive developmentis not affected. Racism and poverty are factors that have contributed to the numerous shortcomings found in African American studies. The cause of the shortcomings is based on the fact that African Americans have been exposed to generations of legal and illegal measures that have denied them their rights. The unrelenting racism that starts in the early ages of the African American plays a significant role in undermining African American studies.

Poverty has also played a role in undermining African American studies. Due to poverty’s physical and mental stress, it has been not easy to ensure that students effectively participate in African American studies. In America, the poverty levels among African Americans are the highest. This makes it difficult for research on African American studies to be done. Low-income families are likely to be stressed and thus deny their children the opportunities to participate in African American studies compared to other cultures (Freire, 1970). Due to poverty, many African American families are forced to reside in segregated neighborhoods and thus making it more difficult for research to be done on African American Studies Emotional. The social energy of any adult is drained by poverty. As such, it becomes difficult for adults to respond constructively on matters concerning African American studies.

Toxic stress is another issue that has not been addressed in African American Studies. Acts of neglect and violence lead to unreliable care to young people who become adults who are unloving and stressed. The developmental potential of such adults becomes distorted or compromised. As such, intellectual development leads to the creation of gaps found in African American Studies. Living in a toxic environment is harmful to the people who live there. To find out gaps and challenges in African American Studies, such people make it difficult. The success of African American Studies is highly dependent on healthy African Americans. Counseling and treatment of the people affected by the toxic environments should be addressed to make the African American Studies successful.

To make sure that African American Studies are successful, the role of culture and tradition has been undermined. For a proper adaptation to any environment, culture plays a primary role. Interactions among the people in a given community are primarily determined by the culture of that particular group of people. A person who has not grown up in a particular environment can easily misunderstand that particular community’s history and culture. A good example is when a black student has to learn perfect English to be acceptable in the school that offersAfrican American Studies courses. Failure to learn perfect English, the student may experience an injustice where the language they speak is referred to as the broken English. Such students may find it difficult to interact with other students since their self-esteem is very low. Such cases of injustice have not been addressed in African American Studies.

The success of African American Studies can only be realized if all the stakeholders become culturally adaptive. Many African Americans do not understand their qualities that have enabled them to survive and thrive in culturally diverse communities. Teachers and other stakeholders who have been mandated to ensure that African American Studies are a success should instill knowledge on the importance of appreciating African American Studies. The social distance between white Americans and African Americans should be bridged to ensure that African American Studies become successful. Teachers and all the stakeholders concerned with the success of African American Studies should ensure that they use the African American culture to create a thriving African American Studies.


In conclusion, gaps exist in the research of African American Studies that should be addressed. As the research’s central thesis, the shortcomings that exist in the African American Studies have been addressed. Factors such as poverty, toxic stress, cultural adaptation, and social and cognitive development issues should be addressed to ensure the success of African American Studies.







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