Alternative to the Field Internship

Project Scenario
You are currently an intern at Sunrise City-wide Consultants. The company services the technology needs of small and medium size business entities. Your internship supervisor is Mr. Harry Rebo, Customer Client Manager.
One of the company’s clients is Console Business Solutions, focus on hardware and software solutions. With the current pandemic, the company is adding Help Desk Technical Support as part of its customer service.
Mr. Rebo directed you to do a research and prepare a proposal as to the best technologies for the client. The facts provided to you are as follows:
1. Customer: Console Business Solutions
2. Company Location: New Rochelle, New York
3. Company Unit Staff: The Help Desk Division will have the following employees: One Help Desk Coordinator and Four (4) Field Technicians
4. Technology Requirement of the Help Desk Technical Support Units:
A. OfficeSoftware:
Business Application or Productivity Tools
Helpdesk Software – Would Sunrise Big City Consultants develop the helpdesk
software or purchase one off the shelf?
B. Hardware:
Desktop computer(s), tablets, laptops and/or smartphones.
Below are some guiding questions for you to approach the case and provide the best technology solutions for the client’s Help Desk Division personnel.
• What type of technology device/product would the helpdesk personnel and field technicians need?

Should each technician member get a Smartphone? What type of smartphone should each employee be provided?
Would you prefer tablets for any of the employees? Who should have the tablet(s)? Why?
Should you buy a desktop computer for the office use? What type would you recommend? Or do you think a laptop is a better choice than a desktop?
C. Connectivity / Network Infrastructure: Which Small Business Internet Service Providers (ISP) would you select for your company?
D. Note Console Business Solutions offer onsite and remote Help Desk Technical Support. Include this in your study requirements for A, B, C or D.
Minimum: $5,000
Maximum: 5% more of the minimum budget
Research Logistics:
• Approach the research by ensuring that you compare and contrast three (3) types of the devices/services in each category.
For example, if you think the IT Consultants should each have a smartphone, you will compare three (3) different types/brands of smartphones and plans. Similarly, use the same comparative approach in selecting desktop, laptop, tablets and ISP.
When comparing and contrasting look into:
Benefits of each type of desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and service provider
Disadvantages/risks of each type of desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and service provider
The specifications of each computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and service provider
The Operating System and Applications Software in each of the devices
The financial cost of the each type of computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and service
Other important factors that are deemed critical to the evaluation and decision-making
Use MS-Excel to present the facts you will compare and contrast.
NOTE: You will not look into the “free phone options” as provided by some Service Providers. Deliverables:
1. An MS Word Document
Write a comparative report on each of technology devices used in the research project. In other words, compare and contrast three (3) types of SMARTPHONE and justify the solution or selected smartphone. Compare and contract three (3) types of DESKTOP and justify the solution or selected DESKTOP for the company. Apply this same approach for the Tablet, Laptop and any other technology devices you are recommending.

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Alternative to the Field Internship
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Requirements for the report format
1. Have a title page
2. The report should at least be three (3) pages, double-spaced and use Calibri size 11 or
3. Follow the Section Requirements
4. Add a new page for Citations (Sources of Information)
2. An Excel Spreadsheet
Create a spreadsheet showing an itemized list of cost for each of the three (3) items of study in the case scenario. Create a chart comparison for each.

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