Applied Communication Ethics Paper

The goal of this paper is to use ethical theories to better analyze relevant ethical considerations that arise in specific dilemmas that may be faced in a given communication context and to think through how to respond ethically in these situations.
In 1,250-1,500 words, complete the following:
Pick two of the following communication contexts that have been discussed in this course: personal relationship, organizational, cultural, business, marketing, mass media, or a specific professional context.
Locate or imagine a unique ethical dilemma for each of your two selected contexts. Briefly describe the dilemmas.
Use the language of the ethical theories covered in the course to analyze your two selected dilemmas.
Describe how the ethical considerations are similar/different for the dilemmas you’ve selected.
Provide possible solutions to the dilemmas using scholarly support.
Include at least five scholarly sources.

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Applied Communication Ethics Paper
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