The Argument Essay, which combines some of the skills and ideas you have been learning and practicing up to this point in the course. You will investigate an issue related to health and well-being, choose appropriate sources, and argue for your position on a narrowly defined issue.

Goals of the Assignment
The goals for this assignment are to learn and practice the following:

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*demonstrate an understanding of the perspectives on an issue based on the previous work you’ve done in your arguing proposal
*defining, analyzing, and responding to a particular rhetorical context by evaluating, and choosing appropriate sources
*synthesizing material from a variety of sources, including written texts, personal experience, and field research
*making a sufficiently narrow claim (position) and supporting it with sound reasoning and evidence
*using logical, character and emotional appeals as appropriate
* documenting sources using MLA in-text documentation and works cited

Subject of the Essay
The subject of this essay is a debatable issue related to health and well-being, which you will need to research. All topics need instructor approval.

Purpose of the Essay
To argue in support of a debatable claim (or combination of claims) of fact, value, policy, or cause-effect.

Depends on the topic

Focus your position on a narrowly defined issue which is timely, relevant, and interesting to your audience. Clearly state an overall claim of fact, policy, value, or cause-effect.

Develop your paper to support your claim with sound reasoning; an appropriate balance of logical, character, and emotional appeals; and relevant, sufficient evidence from your research and experience.

Organize the paper to accommodate the rhetorical situation. For help organizing your paper, turn to page 179. Choose a pattern of organization that not only enhances readability but also makes the greatest impact on your audience given your purpose. Write in a style that demonstrates sensitivity to audience, subject, and occasion.

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