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Article chart
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Complete the chart using information from the four assigned texts. Then compose two to three paragraphs that summarize the information from all three columns. Focus on paraphrasing! Include an MLA style in-text citations and Works Cited entries for all four sources.


· Response to questions should be organized into paragraphs by topic.

· Include at least one quotation or paraphrased idea from each of the four readings.

· For each quotation/paraphrase, include MLA style in-text citation with the author’s last name and page number in parentheses (Last name #).

· Include an MLA style Works Cited list with the four assigned readings included at the end of the post.


Link The four assigned texts

1. “Trial by Fire” (Grann)


2. “What Death Penalty Opponents Don’t Get” (Ridgeway & Casella)


3. “Death by Deadline, Part One” (Armstrong)



4. “Death by Deadline, Part Two” (Armstrong)


I attached the file contain all information and chart which can use it to complete this task.

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