Article research paper

Step 1: Choose an article. There are nine options pasted below, chose ONE. Skim over the titles to find one that interests you. Note that some are easier than others! Or you can find your own article if you email it to me at least one week before the due date for approval. All articles must be from a peer-reviewed academic journal, and must report on a specific research study.
Step 2: To access the full article, click on the link and look for the word “PDF”, to download the full article. You may need to sign-in to Langara libraries online.
Step 3: Read the article. Reading journal articles takes practice, there will be complex terminology, and it will refer to concepts and methods that you have not encountered. I do not expect you to understand every word in the article, you are aiming to gain a general understanding of what the researchers did. Consider this practice for reading more difficult material in future classes. You should expect to read your journal article a few times to understand it, and each time should take at least 45 minutes, so factor this into your time-budget for this paper. Students are not expected to have taken statistics prior to 1215, so ignore or skim over the statistics section. The researchers will summarize the findings in the discussion section and conclusions. Watch my tutorial video for more advice on reading journal articles.
For more tips on how to read a journal article see the following links:
What is a research article? opens in new window
How do I read a research article? opens in new window
Step 4: Briefly summarize the research: what did the researchers do? What did they find? The summary should only take up one paragraph of your paper.
Step 5: Discuss the research in the context of our course. Do not simply summarize the article; the majority of your paper should be your analysis of this concept in the context of course material. Assume that the person reading your paper has also read the article. Think back to all of the different modules that we’ve covered: Cognition and Language, Intelligence, Personality, Motivation, Emotions Stress and Health, and Social Psychology. Flip through your notes and think about the concepts and key terms, and how they might apply.
Step 6: Write it up as a 2 page paper (400-600 words). Proofread and edit several times
Step 7: Submit online through BrightSpace
400-600 words, double spaced
Do not use any other sources or references other than the article and your textbook. Do NOT use the internet, such as Wikipedia. I want to hear your ideas and your links to the course concepts!
Emailed assignments will not be accepted, if you have problems submitting email me immediately
Do NOT use quotes. The entire paper should be in your own words.
Paste the reference to your chosen article at the end. Simply copy and paste it from how I listed it, that is correct APA style
Submit the paper in Word. If you submit in PDF I cannot add comments, and if you submit it as a Pages file it needs to be converted.
Total value 8% of your final grade

Your assignment will be scanned for plagiarism using TurnItIn. Make sure to rephrase ideas in your own words. Quotes are prohibited in this assignment, because too often students accidentally plagiarise. Langara defines plagiarism as “The presentation of words and/or images and/or ideas from another person or source as if they were one’s own”, which can include copying part of a phrase from the article you are discussing, or getting help from someone other than Laura to write your paper. It counts as plagiarism even if it is just part of a sentence, so make sure to rephrase all ideas when summarizing and critiquing the article. If you need any extra help, come see me. opens in new window , opens in new window
article to work on is-
Schredl, M., & Bulkeley, K. (2020). Dreaming and the COVID-19 pandemic: A survey in a US sample. Dreaming, 30(3), 189-198. opens in new window

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