Assignment 3 (Social Policy)

Please refer to the attachment as the final assignment must flow with the paper I have already submitted. The subject is same-sex marriage and elaborates on policies and others viewpoints. The final Assignment includes an Executive Summary, elaborates on the issue identified Parts I and II AND Discussion of alternative, makes Recommendations and describes Implementation. The Overview and Background Introduced in the Midterm Assignment must be included in the Final Assignment. Be mindful, I must submit the assignment through a system we use called “SmartThinking” which is a tool my professor is requiring us to use to seek any errors in the paper. Please be very concise and detailed and be sure the information flows with the file provided (tough grader) with the instructions listed below:

Executive Summary (1 page)

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Assignment 3 (Social Policy)
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At the beginning of the paper explains the main points that the decision-maker should know. It may be best to write this section last because it will serve as a summary of the entire paper. It will be attached to the paper, after the cover page

At a minimum, the summary should include the following:

A statement of current policy
Reasons for initiation changes
Policy options to be considered
Pros and cons of each option
Recommended course of action
Reasoning for selecting that course of action



Discuss the alternatives to the current policy option by enumerating and explaining each policy option in turn. Each policy option should be compared and contrasted to the other options as well as to the current policy. This is the most important part of the paper.

Pros and cons of each policy option should be discussed next.
Identify the political, economic, and security implications for each option.


Clearly identify which option will be recommended and which options will be discounted.
Clearly lay out the argument for why that option is better than each of the others.


Write a detailed recommendation for specific steps on how and when to implement the recommended policy option.

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