In this assignment, you will provide a summary of the current health system in your country of interest. ( The country should be China and the health indicator should be stroke)

  1. You should discuss the health system in general, but also in specific terms regarding your health indicator.
    • Describe the system in place
    • Who has access to it
    • Cost of health care
    • Where it is available within the country (rural vs. urban)
    • The quality of the care
    • Which segments of the population are able to access care
    • If health care is provided by NGOs, please discuss this.
    • Other points that are specific to your topic as needed
    • 2.Discuss disparities within the health care system and the reasons for these disparities. If there are not disparities, please discuss why this is true. Discuss barriers to care that for any of the population you are concerned with.

This paper should be formatted as an essay, using complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling, and capitalization. Your paper should be between 600-750 words long. It does not have to be long, but must be a complete discussion of the above.

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Please include at least two peer-reviewed articles for reference and list these using APA format.

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