Beirut Explosion on August 4, 2020

The term paper should include such issues as:

Background and lead up to the disaster

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Beirut Explosion on August 4, 2020
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Detailed description of the disaster

Number of casualties

Impact on the infrastructure

Emergency response to the disaster

Triage used/

Duration of the disaster response

Problems over come

Innovations required to intervene

Psychological impact

Recovery efforts (including rebuilding)

Conclusion / lessons learned


The term paper should be 8 to10 pages in length. A few pages over the 8 to 10 pages will not draw a penalty. But, term papers that are shorter than the 8 to 10 pages are subject to a loss of points.
The term paper should be typed and printed on 8.5X11 sheets of paper. Left justified not center or right justified.
Spacing on the term paper should be 1½ (1.5) spaces between lines.
The font can be one of several choices such as ‘Times New Roman’, ‘New Century school book’ or ‘Arial’. Please avoid using font styles that take up a lot of space or are difficult to read such as those that mimic handwriting or calligraphy. The font size should be 12 point.
Only the references need to be in APA style. You may do the entire term paper in APA style. That is certainly acceptable and it enhances a term paper and may add some extra points to the paper, but the APA style is not a requirement for the remainder of the paper beyond the references.
References should be scholarly. Please avoid using Wikipedia for your source material. Wikipedia is frequently inaccurate.

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