Belgium has changed its laws to promote R&D in IT

BUSA 3000:  Sample Format and Directions


Format of the Paper.When contemplating how to format your paper, the best practice is to stick to this outline because it is designed to allow you to efficiently and succinctly communicate yourarguments and proposal. Your paper should be split up into theseparts:

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Belgium has changed its laws to promote R&D in IT
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Cover page

  1. Introduction and Country background
  2. Business Proposal (Short Paragraph with your Thesis)
  • Evidences. Reasons for Business Proposal (Application of Evidence to your Thesis)
    • Evidence one
    • Evidence two
    • Evidence three
  1. Conclusion
  2. References
  3. Articles used as source


The remainder of this paper is a more in-depth explanation of what information each of these parts should contain and what format these parts (mainly I thru IV) should be in. The paper should be at least 5 pages (no more than 7), typed, double spaced, with a cover page, and a list of sources cited (your references). Please note that the cover page and list of references are not counted among the required number of pages.


COVER PAGE: GSU, Class name, business proposal (topic), date and instructor name


PART I.  Introduction and Country Background Information

The Introduction is brief presentation of the project, importance, and what you expect to do. For the background use information of your country that is relevant to your business proposal. You can use the following format for the country background:

  • Name of the country
  • Neighboring countries
  • Territorial size of the country
  • Size of the Population
  • Type of Political System
  • Who is the Prime Minister, President?
  • What political party is in power?
  • Derivation of the form of law: Common, civil, other.
  • How would you classify its economic system?
  • What are the GNI and the GNI per capita PPP?
  • Major Natural Resources
  • What major products are exported and to which countries?
  • What are the major imports and from which countries?
  • Member of what economic integration organizations
  • Name of the currency
  • Is it freely exchanged?


PART II.  Business Proposal


  1. Your business proposal is a short paragraph containing your thesis, it would be just one-line written sentence. Your business proposal can be broken down into an easy formula for you to write that you can find in the IBP guidelines in iCollege. The format that you should consider using is as follows:


In the country X, doing Y in the Z sector is W.


The main reasons of this business proposal are becauseReason1, Reason2, and Reason3.

  1. In the country X, doing Y in the Z sector is W:
    1. The country X is the assigned one.
    2. You are pitching that the investor(s) should do “Y” in Country “X”. The “Y” is the kind of business: Outsourcing, Offshoring, FDI, Portfolio investment, Export, import. Franchising, licensing, joint venture, strategic alliance, etc.
    3. The Z sector is the kind of activity or product/service such as Metallurgic, oil and gas, telecommunications, Banking, insurance, Agriculture, fast food, automobile, spare parts, Healthcare, engineering consulting, etc.
    4. W means your opinion of the business:Good, bad, developing, leading, risky, dangerous, profitable, worthy, useless, etc.
    5. Keep in mind, your business proposal could be that your investor(s)should not do something in your country because of your 3 evidences. For example, your investor(s) should NOT build a resort in Zimbabwe because of Reason1, Reason2, and Reason3.


  1. Because Evidence 1, Evidence 2, and Evidence 3.


  1. Your 3 reasons or evidences are the 3 main arguments that you will be making in your paper. Here you mention these 3 reasons as a link or transition to the Part III

EXAMPLES OF BUSINESS PROPOSALS: “In Colombia, outsourcing of spare part manufacturing is good”, “In Norway, offshoring of automobile parts is bad”, “Vietnam is ripe for foreign investment in telecommunications”


PART III: Evidences for the Proposal


This is where the bulk of your paper will be. In this part, you will break up Part III of your paper into 3 further subparts. Each paragraph should start with a point heading of your reason (Don’t simply state Evidence 1). Remember, this paper is essentially one giant argument that you are trying to make to your investor(s) on why they should accept your business proposal. In the body of each paragraph, you will present the evidence that supports your reason and then you will apply that evidence to your proposal’s circumstances. DO NOT TALK ABOUT HOW YOU ARE TO CARRY OUT YOUR PLAN. This paper is what you submit to C-level executiveinvestor(s)s before a plan of operation is even drafted.

Below is a mini outline of Part III using as example a business proposal related to a FDI in a manufacturing factory for the production of specific products in Mexico. Keep in mind that your papers should be longer than what is illustrated below. This is indeedreally short – you should have more evidence than what it is presented in this example. Also, the below is an outline of what it would be written. The entire body of your paragraphs should be a full paragraph, not split up between Evidence and Application.

3.1.- Evidence 1.The North American Free Trade Agreement Ensures Low Trade Costs

The language of the trade agreement itself, articles containing information on the specifics of the trade agreement that shows benefits of the trade agreement when it comes to trade between USA and Mexican companies.

Application (link between the evidence and your thesis): The North American Free Trade Agreement benefits the investor(s), and this proposal because we will not have to pay steep costs of trade. The lowering of costs will improve the profit margins of products when they are sold in the USA.

3.2.- Evidence 2The Labor Market Has a High Supply of Ready Workers and the Wage Demand is Low

Stats pertaining to the average wage of the USA manufacturing worker vs. Mexican workers. Stats that show the employment figures pertaining to supply of workers, etc.

Application (link between the evidence and your thesis): Mexico has plenty of workers that are ready to join the proposed manufacturing factory. The high supply of workers means that the investor(s) will be able to keep wages low and thus keeping his costs down. If the investor(s) were to openhis factory in the United States, the wage demand would by X; in Mexico, the wage demand is Y which is much less than the US wage demand.

3.3.- Evidence 3.Mexico and the United States Have a Solid Logistics Infrastructure Which Ensures No Disruptions and Low Costs

Information on railroads, boating, flying stuff from Mexico to United States.

Application (link between the evidence and your thesis):  When it comes to transporting the products from the proposed factory in Mexico to distribution channels in the United States, the investor(s) will have many safe and affordable options. These options include X, Y, Z. The stability of US and Mexico’s logistics infrastructure benefits the investor(s), because X, Y, & Z.


PART IV: Conclusions


Show the main results of your research, and that your thesis has been proved. Nevertheless, you stil can mention some drawbacks that you found in you research. Use persuasion to convince the investor(s) how worthy or useless the business is.


PART V. References of the sources used in your research. Author, title, date and source


PART VI. Copy of the most relevant article used as source in your research


As a reminder, the cover page and list of references are not counted among the required number of pages.




  1. Country Assignments:
    1. Everyone was assigned a country earlier in the semester.
  2. Due Dates:
    1. The due dates for the paper are in the Syllabus and in the “International Business Paper (IBP) guidelines and schedule” document in iCollege.
  3. Where to Turn In
    1. The Business Proposal, First Draft, Second and final version are to be turned into iCollege
    2. Drafts are not graded, only the Final version.
  4. Paper Format
    1. Use the Outline: It is strongly suggested that you follow the paper format given above. I.e. 6 (I thru VI) part paper.
    2. Point Headings: It is also strongly recommended that you use point headings throughout your paper. If you are unsure what this means or how to use them, please contact the instructor.
    3. Sources: You are required to submit a copy of one source (the most relevant) from a newspaper from your host country.
    4. Works Cited: Please have a list of all your sources at the very end of your paper. There is no preference as to how you should list them, but please be consistent.


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