Bereavement Counseling

Discussion: Bereavement Counseling
Thread: Looking at human development from a Biblical/Christian standpoint as something that occurs across the lifetime, then we cannot ignore the fact that human development is still occurring at end of life. Many times, those who are dying find comfort in their faith and spirituality. Christians, for example, know that believers will have eternal life after earthly death (John 3:16, KJV). The Association for Death Education and Counseling Code of Ethics (2010) seeks to address ethical issues associated with the fragile and complicated process of death and dying.

Utilizing your textbook readings from this Module: Week, discuss how faith and spirituality may be potentially therapeutic to those who are dying. Then, read through The Code of Ethics for the Association for Death Education and Counseling and highlight two specific responsibilities that a counselor has when engaging bereavement counseling. Detail these responsibilities and discuss why they are important.

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Website: Association for Death Education and Counseling – Code of Ethics


Wong, D. W., Hall, K. R., Justice, C. A., & Wong Hernandez, L. (2015). Counseling Individuals Through the Lifespan. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, Inc.

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