Best Gland

Choose one of the glands below. Design an argument portraying why your chosen gland is the best gland in the body. Be sure to include information about anatomy, physiology and one pathophysiology (disease, symptoms and possible treatments).


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Best Gland
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Be sure to back up your “best gland” claim with researched evidence. Your posting should be formatted to APA standards and should include both citations within the text and a references list at the end of the text. An abstract and cover page are not necessary for this discussion.

After you have posted your initial post, read and respond to two or more of your classmates’ posts. Be sure to make substantive and constructive comments (just posting “nice post” doesn’t count). Move the discussion forward by adding research-based information to the information provided by your classmate. Remember to provide an APA citation for it in your reply.

**Example is posted in files**

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