Biology lab

Instructions – Save this document to your computer, fill in the questions, photos and figure, save the modified document, and then submit it via Canvas under Assignments.


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Biology lab
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The worksheet will not be accepted if pictures are not included.

Pre-Lab Questions (1 pt. each)

1. What is acid deposition? (include which gases react with the atmosphere and what acids are formed)

2. What human activity produces the majority of these gases in the U.S.?

3. Explain how acid rain might negatively impact aquatic ecosystems.

4. Which parts of the U.S. are most impacted by acid precipitation?


1. Insert photos of the four petri dishes on Days 1- 3 of the experiment. You can have all 4 dishes together for each day, as long as it is a large picture that clearly shows the individual seeds. The labels on the dishes should be clearly visible with the appropriate concentrations, as well as the day.

2. Create a bar chart showing the number of seeds (out of 20) that germinated for each concentration on each day…one bar for control, one for 0.0018M, one for 0.018M, and one for 0.18M. You can draw the graph by hand on graph paper and insert a picture of it OR you can create the bar chart in Excel and insert it in your document. Appropriate labels and titles should be included in your bar chart.

Disscussion questions

1. Describe the general pattern that you observe of lettuce seed germination AND mention any data that did not fit the trend.

2. According to this activity and the Background reading, how could acid rain affect specifically impact food supplies?

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