Bizzel Essay

Prompt: Is Patricia Bizzell right that college writing instructors must teach students how to think in academia, or should college writing instructors have a different function for college students?


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Bizzel Essay
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Another way to see this prompt:


Patricia Bizzell believes that college students’ lack the experience or ability to think at an academic level is the cause of the “writing problem.” To solve this problem, she believes it is the function of the college writing instructor to show students how to think academically. Do you agree that this is what you need from college writing instructors, or should writing instructors just be guides to help support your perspective or maybe something different than just teaching students how to think at an academic standard?


Main issues that need to be discussed:


Define Bizzell’s argument
Define what the function of college writing instructors
Give your own specific, personal examples that support this function
Deal with possible responses to your argument

Grade Distribution


Invention – Thesis quality; argument development; avoidance of fallacies; accuracy of information; discussion of main issues of topic [20]

Arrangement – Unity and focus of the essay; unity, focus, development, and coherence of each paragraph, proper introduction and conclusion [30]

Style – Correctness of sentences; clarity of prose; grammar; proper use of figures of speech (metaphor, simile, hyperbole, etc.); vocabulary level; cliché use [10]

Authority – Use of sources; quality and accuracy of sources; development of sources; direct or purposeful connection of the source with the main topic; proper citation (MLA) [30]

Presentation – Pages numbered; title quality; rubric name; date; 10-12 font Times New Roman; double spaced; aesthetics of format [10]

Essay Format (Note: each area labeled “Quote Development Format” or “General to Specific” should be its own paragraph):


I. Introduction


A. Thesis
B. Briefly describe the purpose of college and/or education
C. Introduce Bizzell’s thesis
D. Introduce your reasoning for the function of college writing instructors

II. Research/History


A. Describe the purpose of college and/or education (General to Specific)
B. Bizzell’s Argument about the function of college writing instructors (QDF)
C. Show how Bizzell’s Argument is a form of Social Constructionism (Quote Development Format)

III. Writer’s Argument


A. Reword your thesis in more detail, then connect the purpose of college/education with your argument (paragraph)
B. Give an example in your life that supports your argument (Gen to Spec)
C. Give another example in your life that supports your argument (Gen to Spec)

IV. Possible Responses (General to Specific)


A. Give one possible argument that someone may say against your own
Develop line of logic against you
B. Give a situation that mimics your possible opponents’ line of logic

V. Respond to Possible Responses (General to Specific)

A. Directly respond to possible responses
B. Directly respond to the situation from IV-B

VI. Conclusion: Reiterate entire essay

Include Works Cited Page

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