What is a Critique Essay?

A critique essay is a type of academic writing that appraises the qualities of an object, person, or phenomenon. It talks about judgments on their merit and faults. This academic writing is done critically by analyzing the pros and cons of the object/person/phenomena through ideas, judgement, and facts.


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What is a Critique Essay?
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The term ‘critique’ comes from the French language, which examines closely. Thus, this type of essay analyzes something with critical skills to better understand it. A student submits this type of essay to make his readers understand what he understands after a detailed analysis of something.


Critical means involving careful judgement or complete impartial examination. The main objective of doing a critique is to offer an impartial opinion about a certain topic, good or bad. Critique writing provides ample information to the reader about the strengths and weaknesses of a specific topic so that they can form their own opinions based on facts and evidence provided in this essay.


To write a critique, you must first understand what you will critique, which requires extensive research. The best way to conduct your research is by following these steps:


1) Analyze – What exactly do I want to criticize? Make a list of all those things which can be criticized from different angles. Then choose one that interests you as well as provides enough scope for analysis as well as argumentation.

2) Inculcate – Inculcating provides elaborated support for the thesis statement through relevant examples, illustrations, and explanation of different aspects.

3) Argue – Arguing during a critique is like making an argument that has to be logical and robust with an appeal to the emotions. You can also convince your reader by giving them evidence or examples that would lead them into believing that your idea is accurate.

4) Write – Now, write your final draft of the essay along with notes and citations.


These steps are required for academic writing, such as a book review, literature review, research paper or even a summary. Most importantly, it includes ‘critique’ due to its nature of providing critical analysis on something/someone through one’s own perspective. Thus, a critique essay focuses on offering arguments on something that needs a critical look by the writer.


Now that you know what a critique essay is, here are some tips that will help you in writing this type of essay:

  • To write a good critique, it is essential that you have a point to prove. Your essay should be able to convince the reader through your arguments and evidence.
  • Make sure that your argument is well supported with examples, illustrations, and explanations so that the readers have enough information about your ideas.
  • Critique writing can never be completely objective because there might always be some sort of personal bias involved, due to which knowledgeable readers might not take your points seriously.
  • A critique essay follows a logical structure starting from an introduction where you define and explain what you will critique, then present all your arguments in detail, and finally end with concluding statements.


To conclude, the main aim of a critique essay is to provide an objective opinion about something through logical arguments without adding personal bias. The best way to write this type of essay is by following these steps:

1) Present the topic/thing/person you will critique.

2) Defining what it is and giving examples for better understanding.

3) Present the pros and cons of your chosen topic that you should focus on while writing this type of academic paper.

4) Argue or prove why your topic/thing/person is good or bad according to what should be considered while deciding this.

5) Conclude your writing by focusing on the overall impact of this topic/thing/person and make a final statement.


A critique essay can be used to analyze anything from books, music, art, products, ideas etc. For instance, if you want to write about a book, then follow these steps:

1) Define what type of book it is.

2) Provide an example that explains its content clearly.

3) Discuss how good or bad the pros and cons are concerning each other.

4) Focus on a particular aspect of a book, whether it is song lyrics or imagery in art etc.

5) Conclude your writing by summing up all your points.

6) Finally, present some suggestions or ideas towards improving the quality of that book.


Writing critique essays is not difficult; it requires practice and some good command over the language to express your ideas clearly. For that reason, you have to do a lot of reading and research into different topics that interest you to broaden your mind with a lot of new information, which will help you write great thesis statements.


All these efforts eventually result in bringing out the best from an individual and making them write even better essays throughout their academic life.

1) Analyze – What exactly do I want to criticize? Make a list of all those things which can be criticized from different angles.

2) Determine – Choose a particular topic from the list that needs a lot of improvement and is necessary to be criticized.

3) Organize – Outline your thesis statement to show what exactly you will be writing about.

4) Write an introductory paragraph where you clearly define what your essay will talk about.

5) Compose a body where you go into specific details while discussing different pros and cons related to your chosen topic.

6) End with a conclusion summarizing all your main points that should serve as a final judgment for readers. These steps will help create perfect critique essays because every single word written in these papers should carry some weight, due to which people should take you seriously.


Thesis Statement: In this article, the author describes what a critique essay is and how it should be written. He further provides some specific examples of topics that can be criticized using a critique essay.

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