Book review

Your answer should be about 500 words. Please make use of quoted passages to make your case as well as you can. I’d suggest about 2-3 for each of the two writers you choose.


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Book review
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Naturally the quoted passages are not part of the word count.


This question is open-ended. Even though your answers are expected to be speculative and exploring new arguments, your answer in part 1 needs to demonstrate familiarity with specific arguments and must be clearly based on quoted passages. So, choose your passages very carefully; ensure that they align clearly with the arguments you’re making.


Essential things: speak to the issue in the topic you choose, select quoted passages that work for your arguments, make references – use MLA or APA styles, but you must make references. 


Question #1

Tim Snyder discusses the evolution of polarization in political thinking in modern democratic states, especially in the US. See Tim Snyder Ch 14. Especially. How does this polarization build on trends that Kennan identifies in US and other democracies? See Kennan, Measures short of War, pp3-17. (hint: the issue here is whether cold war policy and propaganda has enabled the current polarization within democratic societies.)


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