Business Assignment 11 pages

1. Choose or devise a narrow business-related topic that is controversial and arguable. (See topic selection section below) 2. Present a discovery process of three pro- and con-viewpoints concerning this topic. 3. Conduct thorough research on texts and/or databases for information supporting each pro and con and collect documents. Bring these materials together, examine them and determine a line of argument and persuasion necessary for a good and suitable report. 4. Follow the outline below based on the formal report format that we will discuss in class (Chapter 10). This report will follow the indirect strategy with conclusions/recommendations at the end. Use subheadings for each section. 5. Follow APA formatting and citation guidelines for outside information and provide a reference page using the appropriate APA formatting. Formal Report Format A. Title page giving name, course and section number, topic title, and date. B. Index or Table of Content page showing document arrangement. C. Executive Summary (called abstract in APA) of the selected topic. Include your narrow thesis statement that demonstrates its importance and influence. D. Body a. Introduction (one page) b. “Pro” analysis, minimum three pages c. “Con” analysis, minimum three pages d. Recommendations (two or more pages) e. Conclusion paragraph E. APA Reference citation page

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Business Assignment 11 pages
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