Case Action and Implementation Plan Essay

Learning a methodology to analyze business situations is intended to give you the tools necessary to make valuable recommendations and to articulate those recommendations to better your organization.

Will you move forward with Born to Fly so that you can be operational this summer? Or will you walk away forever? Or will you work on a plan to make it come true in a year?

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Case Action and Implementation Plan Essay
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Develop an argument in favour of your recommended strategy. Consider that your argument might be presented to the bank or investors if you plan on moving forward now or in the future. If you decide that you should not move forward your argument might be presented to Zach to explain why you have backed out of this project.

As part of your plan, do not forget to include some of the good arguments for the opposite action. (i.e. arguments in favour of opening when you want to stop; arguments to not proceed when you want to move straight forward.) Show why you rejected an alternative as not desirable. (Expected length: 2 pages)

HINT: Use an argument diagram to outline your essay. Start with your conclusion (open/close) then explain your reasons, then the reason those reasons are true, etc.

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