Case Memo – Walmart

First, review the attached questions regarding Case 15 in your textbook. Then, in a case memo following the case memo format: Introduction, Issues, Analysis, and Recommendations, write a memo that addresses the case questions. Do not list the questions, but make sure that you have adequately addressed each of the questions in your memo.

The memo should be no more than two single-spaced pages. You should bold the subheadings, e.g. Introduction, Issues, etc. There is no appendices for this memo, but you are required to use in-text references (in parentheses) wherever you are referencing information in the case and other portions of the textbook. And, you must have a References page at the end of memo that is formatted using APA formatting.

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Case Memo – Walmart
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This case memo will be graded using the following criteria:

Timeliness 10%

Memo addresses each of the questions and shows an understanding of the 1) concepts and 2) use of the analysis tools indicated in the case and the textbook chapter information. 40%

Grammar and punctuation are correct and there is a good flow to the memo’s content. See the following link for information regarding “flow”. 30%

Information from case and other sources is paraphrased (do not quote) and is appropriately referenced using APA formatting. 20%*

Important Note: Memos that do not have in-text references that directly tie to the References page or have a significant number of missing in-text references will receive a grade of zero. Please refer to your syllabus.



Turnitin Assignment
Case 2 (Walmart) Memo
Make sure that you paraphrase rather than quote information from all sources used for this memo, including the case, chapter information, etc. Quotations increase your originality score, and you want your originality score to be as close to zero as possible.

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