CEO Pay Business Report Part 1


The topic I chose for this was CEO Pay and whether or not they should be paid the large amounts of money they do.

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CEO Pay Business Report Part 1
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Write the introduction and first parts of your business report organized in one consistent format (Roman numerals, decimals, or simply by using consistent headings of same size). Your introduction includes the definition and context of your report, problem statement and research objectives. The body is organized in a logical way so as to address the research problem and reach your research objectives. Be sure to include any visuals – charts, graphs, pie charts, etc. – that help make your case. Do not overburden the page with text to read; break up the page with dividing lines or visuals that keep the reader interested. Cite in text whenever you use your research and include the source in your References page at the end of the business report. The success of the conclusions and recommendations at the end of the report will depend on how well you present the body and supporting research.

Use Times New Roman or Calibri, 12 point, double spaced, with 1-inch margins all around.

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