Chapter two theories

In this chapter , you get talk about central issues and how they’re all related, both in the theoretical frames of the four organizations as well as in the theoretical model of the five leadership principles.

The two theories frames leadership principles. The case, the disaster BP. When you apply those theories to the case, what are your outcomes.

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Chapter two theories
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If you’ve used theories, and you’ve applied them, and you’ve given good evidence as to how the theory failed.

Discuss anything you want in relationship to either the four organizational frames and the leaders principles. How do they interact with each other.

This is the chapter where you can pick one or two major topics either in the interactions between the four frames, or the five leadership principles.

This is taking your Structured Analysis of the application of the four frames theory, and really applying it. Overall, to the case.

Maybe some of the leadership principles impacted the organizational frames in one way or another. But as long as you logically present, how the frames and the leadership principles interacted with each other, within the frames within the leadership principles or intro theories, whatever way you want to do it.

Pick two or three major interactions and write about that. Tell me what you’re going to focus on is your opening paragraph in chapter three, then go to town on it, and then summarize it.

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