Chemistry Lab Report about Solubility and Common ions effect

**Must have Knowledge of General Chemistry**

Hi, I have been overloaded with work and hope you consider taking on this task. if you have experience in General Chemistry and understand Solubility and Common ions effect please consider taking on this task.

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Chemistry Lab Report about Solubility and Common ions effect
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**Require you to do all calculations for the report by hand and share **
*Two things required: Complete Lab report and Excel Sheet**

Hi! this a concise lab report about Solubility and Common ions effect. No outside information is need for this report. I provided all the resources you need and explained each below.

1. The first three attached files are past lab reports ( Lab 1B, 2B, and 3B) done as a guide for you if you wanted to see how past reports looked. I am asking you to complete Lab 4B about Solubility and Common ions effect.

These reports are generally explaining the procedures, including your results which will require equations provided in slides and should be easy to find if you know chemistry.

2. l provided the material provided by my lab instructor:
The lab manual, the theoretical background about the topic, and the lab lecture slides explaining the calculations that are done. If you know chemistry you will generally understand.
At the end of the Lab manual, you will find the guidelines of what should be included in each section of the report. It is straightforward and easy to understand.

3. I attached the lab report template provided by the instructor that you will use to type up the lab report. No need to change the format at all. Also, there’s an excel sheet you have to fill out. Calculations will have to be done.

I attached a document with a screenshot of the data I collected during the lab. This will give you all the data you need for completing the results and do the calculations.

This shouldn’t be too bad but please let me know If you have any questions or concerns.

Extra Information available for any confusion:

Video of the actual experiment (where I got my data):

These are Extra lab Videos provided to me:

filtration–separation of substances (liquid and solid):

Sodium thiosulfate titration:

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