Civil rights

Before writing this essay, listen to this week’s lectures, watch the “Eyes on the Prize” video, and read the majority decision in Brown v. Board of Education, Marcus Garvey’s Declaration of Rights (Module 11), the SNCC and Black Panther statements, and “Sitting In” from Davidson and Lytle, all in Canvas. Consider, too, the Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois readings (module 10) and Marcus Garvey’s Declaration of Rights (Module 11). With this material in mind, respond to the following prompt:

African Americans’ pursuit of civil rights has a long history, and activists have disagreed about the best way to pursue their interests. Some have advocated integration as the best path to black equality, while others have argued that separatism and black nationalism are more likely to serve African American interests. In your essay, draw on readings, lectures, and the video to make the best case you can for each of these positions. Then make an argument for the position that you consider to be most persuasive.

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Civil rights
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