Class Handout Guidelines

Class Handout Guidelines
You will develop a handout using a word document. For the purposes of this class, you
will create a word document to submit to the drop box as well as develop it into a Power
Point slide when you complete your final project. You will use the same information to
develop your Power point slide when you are working on your Final Exam Power Point
Slide Presentation, so make sure you save this document on your desktop.
Your handout will be an actual handout you would provide if you were teaching your
class. Think about what you want your clients to take home after they leave your class
to remember key important points.
Here are some guidelines
You will submit information on a
page document.

You will write your own handout; not from a commercial source. Tailoring your
written material will reinforce specific information.

Your handout must be organized in a logical order and professional in

Make sure information contains the what, how, and when about your topic. Don’t
overload with a lot of information.

Avoid too many distracting medical terms- use layperson terms (with correct
spelling) instead.

Keep words and sentences short and to the point.

Write in the active voice. “Clean the wound with soap and warm water.”

Use adequate spacing and do not use “all caps” since all caps signify “shouting”.

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