computer science 6

Please complete the following tasks to signify your successful completion of Unit 6. It should be the case that the only instructions you need to complete the programs assigned here are the ones described in this unit. If you feel the urge to randomly walk thru the universe finding new assembly instructions, please take a deep breath and try again (or atleast ask me first about what you’re trying to do…). Click hereLinks to an external site. to see an HLA Programmer’s Reference Guide for the instructions we’ve learned so far.

Create the following HLA Assembly program. I would recommend you create a new directory for This program. You can place this directory wherever you want. Following the Electronic Submission Guidelines, please send me a copy of the .hla file you created for this assignment.

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computer science 6
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PROGRAM 1: Favorite Team
Write an HLA Assembly program that displays on screen in large letters your favorite sports team. There should be no input, only output. For example, I love the Dodgers, so my output would look like this:


All this output should be generated by just five stdout.put statements.

PROGRAM 2: X Table
Write a program to produce a number table as described here. This table should be built from a single integer value provided by the user. The program will display a square 5X5 of various numbers. The entered number should appear in an X like pattern across the table, diagonally across the table. Every other spot besides the X pattern should be filled with a number. Those excess numbers should start with one bigger than the entered number and increment by one for every additional excess number used.

For example, the following output should be produced when the user inputs the starting value 15:

Gimme a starting value: 15
15 16 17 18 15
20 15 21 15 22
23 24 15 25 26
27 15 28 15 29
15 31 32 33 15

And here is the output that would be produced when the user inputs the starting value 20:

Gimme a starting value: 20
20 21 22 23 20    
24 20 25 20 26
27 28 20 29 30   
31 20 32 20 33
20 34 35 36 20

HINT: Don’t worry too much about getting all the spacing beautifully correct. I’ll be scoring the numbers printed, not the beauty of your table. For example, if the number is a single digit, the table might come out looking funny. You really don’t need to worry about that…

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