Cross-Cultural Relationships

Reality Check Assignment

• Compose a well-organized concise essay
• Apply theory to life situations
• Develop an awareness of communication habits

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Cross-Cultural Relationships
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• Write an introduction paragraph that introduces your concept, the direct quote, and the in-text citation
• Write the body of your essay. In the body, you will apply the concept you chose to your own personal experience. This is not rhetorical. You are not explaining what the concept is, you are explaining your own experience.
• Write a concluding paragraph summarizing what you have written about in your paper. You do not want to use the exact same wording, but you want to reinforce your main idea.
• Proofread your essay, checking for sentence structure, paragraph structure, capitalization (the personal pronoun “I” is always capitalized), grammar, etc.
• Check your word count—at least 400 words
• Include the APA full text reference at the end of your document (use a hanging indent)

Pearson, Judy C.; Nelson, Paul E.; Titsworth, Scott; Hosek, Angela M.: Human Communication, 7th Edition. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 9781259752636.

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