Cultural Anthropology

Write an essay discussing and describing how a number of items in the past and in the current life, enumerated below, may lead to your choice of occupation/profession, friendship and other close relationships, residence, and acquisition of money. Discuss and describe the kind of life one envision for yourself in terms of the following 7 items: kin and family affiliation, social class, friendships, and patterns of reciprocity towards others, language(s) able to speak, patterns of the gendered speech which one can identify, proxemics (that is the distance between people and all the non-verbal signs of communication), representation of self and group as found in art forms: music, visual arts, pubic performance, the adaptations that family and ethnicity have made in terms of occupations and the way they fit into the nation, community’s commitments to egalitarians ideals versus ideals of hierarchy and individual achievement, and patterns of conspicuous consumption.

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Cultural Anthropology
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