Current Events Paper

Students will access a major recent Canadian print media (Globe and Mail, National Post, Maclean’s Magazine, Skift Online Magazine or local news sources, i.e. Halifax Chronicle Herald, Halifax Metro or similar) and use their chosen news story as a “jumping off point” or as an illustration that ties in to the objectives of this course. The paper must demonstrate relationships between the chosen event or news item and how that news relates to and promotes and enhances understanding of the illustrated objectives. Students should attempt to tie the paper to at least three of the course objectives, do NOT simply describe the chosen news story. Use APA format for citations and reference list, include a cover sheet with name, assignment title, your own modified title, plus any other relevant details; guideline for length – 2500 to 3000 words. Failure to properly use APA will result in a significant loss of marks.


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Current Events Paper
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Course objectives are

• Develop knowledge and understanding of themes of geography: Location, Human-Environment Interaction,

Region, Place and Movement

• Examine current complex issues involved in geography globally

• Appreciate the role of geography in the global economy, relations between nations, people, and the


• Discuss current issues, opportunities and problems associated with the geography of tourism

• Understand how current events and the relationship of those events effect travel choices

• Appreciate that our world view may not be a universal one, but that sharing our views promotes understanding


Globalization & Culture

Population & Migration

Geography of Language

Geography of Religion





Industry & Service



Test Preparation

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