Cyber crime Theory of Technology acceptance and Adoption

Final Paper Submission

Theory of Technology acceptance and Adoption

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Cyber crime Theory of Technology acceptance and Adoption
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The final paper should be 5 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, excluding reference list) on a topic related to any aspect of technology and criminal behavior, identified no later than the third week of the course. It can be on a topic that we cover in class or another area that we do not cover in-depth.

Your paper should be organized according to the following general outline:

Introduce the topic and explain exactly what it is you are going to cover and what you are not covering.
Explain why this subject is important.
Is there a problem in this literature, or any shortcomings? If so, what exactly is it? What kind of evidence is there to confirm the problem?
Is the issue related to any particular theory or multiple theories?
Have there been any limitations to the methods that have been used to understand any of these issues?
The paper should, in part, summarize the available literature on the topic.

*For example, you could discuss the efficacy of routine activity theory on cyberbullying perpetration. You cannot, however, coherently write a paper attempting to explain cybercrime using theories of criminal behavior. There are multiple types of cybercrime and multiple different theories (with different assumptions of human behavior).

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