Delayed Payment from Health Insurance Companies

1. Problem Statement

An overview/introduction of the organization/industry under investigation (e.g., what does the organization/industry do or cover, how big is it, which type of healthcare market does it exist in, how competitive is it, etc.?)
The healthcare finance problem or question/s that you have chosen to investigate, which you can divide into the main question and any subsidiary/secondary questions (explain why the problem of the study is/are important and indicate what previous studies, if any, have been done on this issue)
Significance/objectives of the study (is it the first study on this issue involving your chosen organization or industry/sector?)

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Delayed Payment from Health Insurance Companies
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2. Methodology

The hypothesis to tentatively answer the question/problem of the study (explain how you came about formulating this particular hypothesis/es and its relevance to the study)
Types of data gathered by your group (explain why the data you gathered is pertinent to the problem; for example, financial statements, insurance worksheets, laws, etc.)
Sources of data (explain where and how you got them; are these primary or secondary sources of data?, explain the limitations and time frames covered by the data you gathered)
Testing/design/approach of the study (explain how you tested the data; indicate if you used statistical analysis, financial modeling, comparative analysis, etc.; and then explain why and how the tests you used were a good match to the problem and hypothesis you are testing)
Limitations of the study (explain what your study does not cover)


3. Findings

This Findings or Analysis section should be divided by subject-matter based on the data you gathered and are reporting. Present data in an organized and coherent manner. For example, if you are testing whether Insurance Company A gained sufficient payments from rate adjustments to compensate for their loss or “extra services” to the high-risk insured, you might want to break down this section into High-Risk Insured Cohorts: Risk Factors, Base Rate before Rate Adjustment, Rate Adjustment Effect, Company Strategic Approaches, etc.

A thorough analysis of the data that you presented in this section, as it relates to the problem and hypothesis of the study (i.e., does the hypothesis explain or provide the answer to the problem, or not?)

4. Discussion and Conclusion

Apply in this section the key financial concepts, models, and approaches, methods, and strategies as we discussed and learned them in class and from your readings, videos, and case studies (this bullet is very important!)

Indicate whether the findings of your study validated, invalidated, or modified the hypothesis of the study
Indicate the practical and theoretical implications and recommendations that you are making based on your findings


Reference Page

This section should appear in a separate page of the written report. It should contain in APA format all the references you used. Any material used throughout the 4 sections of your group paper should appear in the text of your report and should be referenced in APA format as well.

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