Distribution Channels and Marketing Communications

Select a big national or international brand that has advertisements that feature a famous person or persons. Based on what you know about the brand, discuss the following:

  1. What does the brand mean to you? Do you have an emotional connection to the brand? Explain.
  2. Who is the target market for the brand? Are you part of the target market? Why?
  3. What celebrity or famous person endorses your brand? Is he or she a good fit for the brand? How does the celebrity connect with the target audience?
  4. How is the brand advertised to you? Does the company use a mix of promotional tools such as public relations, social media, and traditional options, such as commercials, YouTube videos, and so on? Explain.
  5. Who is the competition? Who or what do they use to endorse their product or service?

The following information is provided to help with your assignment:

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Distribution Channels and Marketing Communications
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Getting the message out about a product or service is essential to marketing success. Marketers often choose creative options to get the attention of the targeted customers. The goal of most advertising campaigns is to use a variety of media channels to saturate the marketplace about the brand. This is also known as integrated marketing communications (IMC).

Matching the media to the right customer segments is critical. For example, Millennials—those customers in their 20s and 30s—may find social media channels more relevant to find out more about the brand versus Generations Xers, who may still watch televisions commercials to find out more about the brand.

When developing the communications plan, marketers brainstorm these questions: How is your selected product or service being promoted? What media channels are used? Who is the target market(s)? What are competitors doing?

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