Task is to write a proposal for the company for the setting up of their ecommerce website. Customers should be able to access the store from desktop and mobile devices.

The proposal needs to include the following sections:

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Executive Summary
Overview of the organisation
Name and background of your organisation (fictional)
Turnover: current vs expected (once online)
Benefits of adding ecommerce website to the organisation (efficiency and profitability focus)
Stakeholder Analysis (This is where you will consider the customer shopping experience; relationship between face-to-face experience and online shopping)
Ethical and Legal considerations
The Manager
The User
The Marketer
Technical Analysis (This is where you will outline: System Architecture (Hardware requirements); Software applications; Payment options; Security considerations)
The IT Professional
The Systems Analyst
Digital Media Analytics
The SEO Specialist
The Online Security Specialist
Recommendation to Organisation

Marking Criteria

Clarity of information
Logical flow of the information
Professionalism of report: grammar and presentation
Length 6000-word max report

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