Email assignment

For this assignment, pretend you are one of the following:

· An office manager at an accounting firm looking for new stationery (not “stationary”) and printed material; write to one of the printing companies you are considering and request information.

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Email assignment
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· An entrepreneur investigating franchise opportunities; write to the head office of one of your potential opportunities and request information.

· A sales manager considering different college training programs to train your sales team; write to colleges that you are considering and request information. This is not about recruiting students.

Using full sentences, correct email format, and bullet points, write a 230-250-word request for information email. Make sure that you do the following:

· Include a subject line

· Use correct email format

· Include bullets that have been correctly written

· Organize using a direct pattern


Use regular bullet points unless there is a particular order to the points. If there is, use a numbered list.


Invent the details, invent the names, invent the companies, invent the requested information (using common sense and your imagination; no research is required). Please use Times New Roman, 12 font, default margins. Do not forget to put your real name on the assignment.

this assignment is worth 10 percent.

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