Select one of the 7 topics listed below and write a point paper on the topic. Choose something that is of interest to you. Include an overview of the topic, an interpretation of your findings, and any conclusions and recommendations. In addition, the paper should include a cover sheet and bibliography page.

Carefully read the following guidelines. Please ask your instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

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Length: 3-5 pages
The paper should be arranged as follows.

Title Page

Name of Subject (Title)
Your name
GENS 320 Physical Geography

Main Body: This is where you state your topic and review of related subject material and data. You can include pictures, data and diagrams. You must cite the sources unless you have created the material yourself.
Analysis: In your own words, interpret and explain your findings.
Conclusions: After explaining your analysis, describe how the topic impacted you. Did it change your opinion or re-enforce existing beliefs? Do you have any recommendations?

Include at least three sources using APA format.
Select one the topic options from the following list.

1. What effect does the Sun’s energy have on the Earth’s weather? If it does, how does it influence the atmosphere and our day today weather? What are the implications?
2. How will solar power, wind power, renewable fuels, or geothermal technology affect a nation’s dependency on oil?
3. What is the future of the Green Industry? What part of the sector do you think will provide the largest benefit to society?
4. Weather is a huge factor in placement and consideration of new energy technology. How do we maintain optimum performance and where do we put these devices? Do we put them in special areas of the country? How do we best use this technology? (This is meant to be open-ended to accommodate the various devices available.)
5. What are some of the new agricultural techniques that not only, increase crop production, but reduces the use of water and petro-chemicals? Does this stuff work and what are the implications? (No Till, Soil Conservation, Lot 125, and etc.)
6. What is the future of Geothermal and Earth Coupling devices? Are these technologies viable and if so how do they work? Are they cost effective and are they sustainable? ( These questions would cover electrical power generation and heating and cooling capabilities.)
7. Formulate your own question and topic. This topic must come from the text or lecture material. Your question/topic must be included in the title of your paper.

Possibly use textbook:
McKnight, T. L. & Hess, D. (2016). Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation. (12th ed.). Prentice Hall. ISBN: 978-0134195421

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