Essay for Interdisciplinary

7.2 In this bulletin board assignment, you will be asked to define the 5 levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is information that you are sharing with other students in this course and that may be used in your unit 8 final paper.

Abraham Maslow’s research pointed out that in order for a person to achieve their full potential, they must fulfill a series of hierarchical needs. He proposed that lower level needs must be met before a person could move to higher levels of the self, and levels of personal achievement. For this bulletin board, please complete the following.

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Essay for Interdisciplinary
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Step 1: Read the article A Theory of Human Motivation???? ???? by Abraham Maslow

Step 2: Write a brief definition (2-3 sentences) for each of Maslow’s need levels as they are defined in his research paper A Theory of Human Motivation. In a single posting, post all 5 of your definitions to this bulletin board. There will be no replies required for the definitions postings, but if you wish to comment or ask a question to the person who posted it, please feel free to do so.

· Level 1 – Physiological Needs

· Level 2 – Safety Needs

· Level 3 – Love Needs

· Level 4 – Esteem Needs

· Level 5 – Self-Actualization


7.3 In this bulletin board, you must make a posting first before you will be able to see the other students posts.

Find 2 research-quality articles about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and write a 100+ word summary of each article. Post them both to the bulletin board in a single posting.There will be no replies required for the research postings, but if you wish to comment or ask a question to the person who posted it, please feel free to do so. A research-quality article is defined as one that can be used as source material when writing an academic paper. For the purposes of this assignment, acceptable articles can come from any of the following sources:

· OU Library Databases & E-reference Materials: to an external site.

  • If you have questions about how to find articles at      the OU Library, you can contact Cheryl McCain, our PACS Librarian:      to an external site.

· Google Scholar: (Links to an external site.)

· .gov internet sites. Research data and information that you find on official government sites will be acceptable.

· Internet resources from reputable newspapers, and magazines will be accepted (NY Times, Newsweek, Time, WSJ, etc.).

· Wikipedia is NOT acceptable. Wikipedia is a public resource that can be updated by anyone. Information on Wikipedia is unacceptable as an academic resource.

The resources you find must be formatted in APA format. Here is a sample of the correct formatting for your citations:

Berndt, T. J. (2002, February 12). Friendship quality and social development. Current Directions in Psychological           Science. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

If possible always include the direct link to an online resource.

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