Analyze game:

  • 5-7 paragraphs
  • Include game summary
  • Identify your games strengths (what worked)
  • Identify your games weaknesses (what didn’t work)
  • Explore changes you would make in the next iteration and why
  • Explain how your puzzle mechanic works and identify what type of puzzle you think it is (Lateral Thinking, Spacial Reasoning, Logic…)
  • Describe what you could do to make overcoming your puzzle mechanic easier or harder (Not Sure?¬† Review Adjusting Puzzle Difficulty in PowerPoint Lecture)

Two document: one is rule of game, 1-2 page instruction guide for your original game.

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one is  Analysis game, 5-7 paragraph analysis of game.

Rule :

I write rule in word document, you need help me do the better to 1-2 page.

Powerpoint for rule book.

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