GEOL 100

1. Discuss the issues of drinking water availability and quality in the Southwestern U.S., including San Diego County.
In your essay, include a discussion of:

  • local climate
  • population changes, especially since World War II
  • local vs. imported water
  • “waste” treatment and recycling attitudes (“toilet to tap”)

Your answer should be no less than 700 words.

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GEOL 100
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2. Explain the issues of Climate Change.In your essay, include discussions of:

  • greenhouse gases, comparing Earth to Venus and Mars
  • the Keeling Curve, extrapolated back 800,000 years
  • ice ages, including the one we’re in now
  • sea level: past, present and future
  • ocean acidification
  • methane released from permafrost and ocean floor

Your answer should be no less than 700 words.

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