GIS Discussion Post

Answer the questions below. At least 200 words. Please number the answers

1a. In what ways can we respond to the problem of terrorism.

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GIS Discussion Post
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1b. In what ways can we respond to the problem of cyber warfare.

2a. In what ways is state power changing (increasing, decreasing, shifting, diffusing)?

2.b What are the implications of these changes for how we tackle some of the global issues discussed in this course?

3 Identify one global issue that is important to you, either a trend area such as technology or information or a theme within a trend, such as immigration, food and hunger, water, or climate change, and answer the following questions related to that issue.

What is your preferred image of the future related to this issue? (What would you like to see as the state of this issue in 2030?)

What are three actions you could take to help bring about the preferred image of the future that you described in your response to the first question?

for question 3…

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