HDFS 207

  • -Typed in Times New Roman Font (12 point)
  • -Single- or double-spaced
  • Include headings as indicated in #1 – #7.
  • -Can use bullets – but need to write in complete sentences.
  • -Use three references; one of these should be a .gov reference.
  • APA: Use the APA format for citations within the paper and the reference list at the end of the paper. See OWL https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/1/
  • -Perspectives from two different people, e.g., parent and teenager. Or
  • -Perspectives from two different countries (U.S. vs Europe). Or
  • -Perspectives from college students and community members.
    • d.Sustainability – Identify/explain the ways in which sustainability is directly and/or indirectly related to this issue. Consider how this issue the efficient use of natural resources, reducing our footprint on the environment, or supporting present and future generations by replenishing resources. (At least 3 main ideas/bullets)

Directions: Select a consumer-based problem or issue and complete the practical reasoning process. Examples of possible consumer issues: Medicare fraud, housing discrimination, credit card debt, identity fraud, availability of health care, health insurance.

Include the following components (Use headings):

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1.Consumer Issue/Problem – Identify the issue and provide an explanation as to why this is a consumer issue. (Brief paragraph.)

2.Valued-End – What is one valued-end (ultimate goal) in relationship to this issue? (One sentence.)

  • 3.Consequences – What will happen if this issued is addressed? Is not addressed? (At least 3 main ideas/bullets)
    • b.Government – Identify and briefly describe federal legislation, polices and/or government-based information about the issue. Use government-based websites (.gov websites). (At least 3-4 main ideas/bullets)
  • 5.Strategies and Consequences – These can be in a table or list.
    1. Individual Strategies and Consequences – Identify at least three strategies and consequences for each strategy.
    2. Community/Society Strategies and Consequences – Identify at least three strategies and consequences for each strategy.
  • 6.Judgment – Considering the components of the practical reasoning process (context, valued ends, consequence, alternative strategies) form a judgment about what should be done to move toward a resolution of the problem. That is, state your judgment on what strategies should be implemented from both your individual perspective and a community/societal perspective.
  • 7.References:


a.Historical (Past) and Current State of Affairs (Present): What has happened in the past? What is happening today? (At least 3 main ideas/bullets)


Context – continued . . .

c.Two Perspectives/Viewpoints – Identify/explain two different perspectives or viewpoints on the issue. For example, if examining the issue of alcohol consumption and age limits, two different perspectives might be:

(At least 3 main ideas/bullets for each perspective)

(Write one brief paragraph for each perspective; include at least 2 strategies from both 5a and 5b.)

As an individual, I should . . . (Brief paragraph; include at least 2 strategies from 5a.)

As a society we should . . . (Brief paragraph; include at least 2 strategies from 5b.)

  • -Include a reference list. Use at least three references.
  • -At least one should be a .gov reference.
  • -All references in cited body of the paper need to be must also be in the reference list. All references in the list need to be cited in the body of the paper.

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