3 pages , 11 point Calibri, 1-inch margins, double spaced. You must use proper grammar and sentence structures to receive full credit. Because Turnitin is being used when you submit, DO NOT INCLUDE PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION, i.e., name (on the paper and the file name), U#, social security number, etc. Please save all submissions as Name of the Assignment_year, ex. ReflectionPaper5_YEAR.

Grading criteria: Full credit will be awarded for thoughtful and thorough responses. When providing references, you must cite them. . Citation style must be in APA citation. References page does NOT count towards the page maximum.

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Should all depictions of sex involving underage people (whether real or simulated) be illegal? Why or why not?
Should the U.S. government restrict the Internet when it comes to sexually explicit material, considering minor access and sexual/human trafficking? Why or why not?
Female college students have sometimes turned to high price escorting or sugaring. What do you think would be the pros and cons of this occupation? If your best friend considered this as a way to pay a tuition bill, what would you advise her?

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