Henry George vs. Andrew Carnegie

HIST 1302 Paper Assignment: Henry George vs. Andrew Carnegie

Due: 11:59 PM on Monday, December 7, 2020

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Henry George vs. Andrew Carnegie
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  • Read two primary sources. Both are in the online version of your textbook, The American Yawp, Chapter 16, section IX. Primary Sources. The first is Henry George, Progress and Poverty, Selections. The second is Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth.


  • Compare and contrast these two documents. Using Chapter 16 and/or your notes from class sessions about the Gilded Age, identify the historical background of the documents by George and Carnegie.


  • Carefully note when each one was written. Which author wrote first? Is that significant?


  • Identify the one or two most powerful points each writer makes. If you’d like, feel free at the end of your essay to say a bit about who’s position you tend to agree with more, and why.


  • Your paper should follow the conventions of a college essay: have well-organized paragraphs, an introduction and conclusion, and a thesis statement, the main point you want to make.


  • Aim for 500-700 words of text (not counting documentation)


  • Format your paper (12-size font, 1-inch margins all around) and cite your sources according to the conventions of MLA style.


  • As the due date gets closer, your instructor will provide specific directions for how to electronically submit the paper.



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