Hopelessness in black men in rural areas.


  1. Antecedents, sometimes called determinants, are those events and incidents that must occur prior to the occurrence of the topic. For example, for the topic ‘orange (the fruit)’, pollination of the orange tree is an antecedent.


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Hopelessness in black men in rural areas.
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Consequences are things, events, or incidences that occur as a result of the occurrence of the topic.  For the topic ‘obesity in children’, a consequence is higher than normal pressure on the knee joints when standing.


  1. Develop a list of no more than ten (10) antecedents related to your topic. (5 points)
  2. In addition, develop a list of no more than ten (10) consequences related to your topic. (5 points)



  1. Empirical referents


  1. An empirical referent is defined as how you would measure the topic and can also extend to, in the absence of a measure, what measure you would create.
  2. Develop an empirical referent applicable for your topic. If no measure currently exists, describe the measures you would create to determine the outcome of your topic.  You may also include a description of how you wouldideally measure the topic/issue.(5 points)


  1. Consistent with major policy document


  1. Inform the reader how the concept you identified, in your selected population, is consistent with one of the major policies affecting nursing and/or healthcare. Feel free to use reports from groups such as The Future of Nursing IOM Report, the Affordable Care Act, or any other similar credible  (6 points)
  2. Cite the report in the narrative, and include it on the reference list. It may be that you referred to the document earlier in the assignment.  If so, be sure to integrate it again in this section of the analysis.  (4 points)






  1. Current and future applications


  1. Consider the work you have completed on the topic thus far and decide on your take home messages. How do these messages relate to present and future applications of the topic/issue of health care policy?  (5 points)
  2. Provide a model or framework that summarizes your topic as you envision it. You may include pictures, tables, or descriptive paragraphs.  (5 points)


Note that there are four primary sections to this assignment. Depending on how you format your assignment, you may have additional headings.  You will certainly have title and reference pages, page numbers, and a running head.  This assignment is to be written in APA format.


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