HR Audit

(6-8 pages) describing the results of your data collection. The paper must include the following sections:


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HR Audit
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Cover Page: list group members


Part I: Organizational Background

· Type of business/industry/organization.

· General description of company’s products/services.

· Number/types of employees (managerial, clerical, special skills, etc.).

· Annual revenues.

· Size/structure of Human Resources Department.



Part II: Background of the Human Resource Manager/professional

· Job Title/brief job description.

· Academic/employment history background (highest degree/field of study).

· Years with organization.



Part III: Integration and Analysis. This is the main section of the paper which must include the following:


· Description of the overall operations and role of the human resource department in your organization

· Description of the staffing and performance management functions.

· Extent to which the organization’s human resource management practices conform to “best practices”. Discuss any variations from “best practices” in terms of why they exist and what you recommend for the organization.





the attached file has some info you made use, any questions left unanswered you can answer what you seem best fits

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