Human Reproduction final paper

You must choose a topic from the document below, which includes both topics and the reading links for the topics.


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Human Reproduction final paper
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Length: The papers do not have a length requirement, but ideally would be no more than 3 pages single spaced or 6 pages double spaced.

References: Any format that suits your writing style is acceptable- even referencing within the text, as is done in magazine or newspaper articles.

Topics: The paper should be centered on one of the topics we discussed on the class. You can do this a number of ways:

Tone: The idea behind this paper is to convey the information you learned to a layperson. The way this should be done is as if you were writing a news article for a scientific magazine, a newspaper, or a science blog. The tone used in the discussion forums is appropriate for this – informal yet descriptive.

Content: The content should include:

The big picture of how the technology impacts the field of reproductive medicine. Why is the problem the the technology addresses important?

How promising is this technology? What were the KEY studies or findings that have led the field in this new direction.

What does this new technology mean for society? Is there a paradigm shift, a new treatment for infertility, or a new way to think about medicine or biology in general?

Are there any reasons to ‘proceed with caution’?

Is more work needed for the hypothesis to be proven?

Are the studies applicable to humans, or for now just mice or other animal models?

Any other reasons to re-think conclusions or outcomes?

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